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Just Like Having A Paid Personal Consultation ...

Date:  Friday,February,2018
From:  Dr. Kina Peppers, MD & Retired Lt. Colonel
 Chicago, Il

Dr. Kina Peppers


If it was possible . . .

Would you take advantage of the opportunity to be mentored by a retired US Army Lt. Colonel, a successful businesswoman and fitness fanatic who also happens to be a board certified physician?

If you were able to put yourself into this position would you make the most of it?

A driven person would use this time to find out more about the processes she uses to lose weight but MOST importantly how to keep it off…

… And have her explain everything in plain English in a structured monthly format so that you may apply the same tips and techniques in your life IMMEDIATELY…

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance and apply the info like there’s no tomorrow?



I'm going to show you how to get this without a lot of effort on your part

The best part of this is that

in just a few minutes you'll be confident in knowing that a dependable source of weight-loss, fitness and health information is available JUST for you

All YOU have to do is CHECK YOUR EMAIL once a month

It's a monthly electronically delivered fitness & health newsletter

that has women and men alike ecstatic due to what they're getting and the low cost!

You see I help thousands of people everyday...

with free health and fitness information posted on my fan page of over 30k fans and in my personal practice with their fitness and health questions:

  • to make the healthy choices they needed and wanted to make
  • to feel better about themselves
  • to experience improved health and fitness

With electronic delivery this information will be available for you when you need it,

simple and efficiently...

I Am Offering A Monthly Newsletter

Content delivered in an adobe .pdf format and contains between 8-10 articles, stories and reports every month.

  • Featured Information

    Packed with articles & special reports on health, fitness, weight loss and nutrition.
    ($19.95 value)

  • Convenient Delivery

    Delivered once a month electronically for your convenience.
    ($1.95 value)

  • Mobile Responsive Access

    Can be viewed on your Smartphone, Ipad, Android device or Desktop computer.
    ($1.95 value)

  • Subscriber Bonus

    As a physician I have access to limited quantity special offers and my subscriber’s will too!
    ($29.95 value)

The Catch?

This is a special offer at a low price but that's going to change because this newsletter is still in it's infancy. . .

Rest assured it will go up in price after we have had enough initial feedback.

But Don't Worry . . .

The cost is going to be much less than you think.

It WILL BE a lot less than coming to see me personally (i.e. IF I am even available)

Or you spending the time to gather and vet the information yourself

!!! Amazing Low Price !!!

  • 1

    Total Product Value

    Featured Information + Convenient Delivery + Mobile Responsive Access + Subscriber Bonus =
    $19.95 + $1.95 + $1.95 + $29.95 = $53.80

  • 2

    My Private Consultation Fee

    As a board certified physician I get paid from $110.00 to $230.00 for an hour of my time

  • 3

    Your Time

    If you make $25.00/hour than spending the hour or two every month to do this would cost you $50.00. And that's assuming you had access to the RIGHT information to begin with!

  • 4

    Value To You

    If using this information allows you to reach your weight loss goals, reach your fitness potential and eat more healthy what's the price of that? If this keeps you from one avoidable doctors visit you save at least $100.00

  • 5

    Market Price

    Given the value we are thinking about charging $39.95/month once we get case studies, feedback and results from satisfied subscribers

But right now, you get the "early action-takers" version

So if you like to take an advantage of an opportunity

Rather than wait and pay more

Act now and ...

You won't pay $39.95/mth

You won't pay $19.95/mth

You won't pay $9.95/mth

You pay only $5.95/mth

Plus, An Unconditional 60 Day Guarantee

Of course . . .

after trying this out you can always decide to go back to being uninformed and living the way you were before you joined

and I will gladly give you a refund

You have a full 60 days.

So even if you don't use the information right away

You still have time

To decide if you want to stay a subscriber or not!

Act Right Now!!!

  • The longer you wait the greater the possibility the price goes up
  • You can only get this information compiled by me here
  • It's not available for free or for sale anywhere else
  • It's composed with my own unique experiences and methods from being a fit, board certified physician and retired army Lt. Colonel


  • Our country is in an obese epidemic so it's clear that a lot of people aren't aware of information like this that can help them

Studies have consistently shown that ...

"People that consume and act on health,fitness and wellness information are

healthier, fitter and more mentally adjusted than those that don't..."

- on "Physical Activity"

  • More than 1/2 of Americans consider themselves overweight according to the American Medical Association

  • 11% identify as OBESE
  • 51% need to lose a few pounds
  • 64% of people are unhappy with their body
  • According to a world health organization study on the benefits of being physically active they found it led to

  • Improved muscular and cardiovascular fitness
  • Enhanced bone and muscle health
  • Lowered the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, colon and depression
  • In fact multiple studies have suggested that 60% of diseases by 2020 will be preventable.

  • But that means having access to actionable health, fitness and wellness information

Here's What You Get ...

Yes, Dr. Peppers I’m In!

I Want Access Immediately Before The Price Goes Up!

I understand that I risk nothing and gain everything when I click on the button below and check out. When I do this, I realize I’ll be getting all these great benefits

  • Monthly information on health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition and sport
  • Electronic delivery straight to my inbox
  • Simple access and info can be viewed on multiple devices
  • Access to subscriber only special offers
  • Deeply discounted health & fitness programs
  • Locked in discounted price
  • And much, much more …

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen: I don’t care if it’s one hour from now, or 3 weeks from now – if you ain’t happy, I ain’t happy.

Purchase right now. Try it out. If you like it, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If it’s not for you, don’t even give me a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends. By the way, here is our Contact Info should you need to request a refund or need any product assistance at all with your purchase today.

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!

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This is for an initial payment of $5.95 for 30 days with recurring payments of $5.95 a month.

I understand that I can cancel at any time

I value relationships much more then I need your $5.95

If for any reason during the first 30 days you find or think this is not worth your time

just let me know

and I'll give you back every penny you have spent with me today.

I know this won't be an issue because your going to get WAY more value than you would ever expect from spending $5.95. But if for some reason you don't feel that way just let us know and we'll get you an immediate refund

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- Dr. Kina Peppers

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This is for an initial payment of $5.95 for 30 days with recurring payments of $5.95 a month.

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This is for an initial payment of $5.95 for 30 days with recurring payments of $5.95 a month.

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